24 September, 2012 22:41

Mark 10:13-16

‘Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like little children will never enter it’

This post isn’t going to be that long as I’m doing a test post by email.

However, I love the scripture above. In the work place we are a lot of things but we don’t consider ourselves to be little children. No, we’re all grown up and people want us to be strong and inspiring leaders. But in my quietest moments away from the craziness of advertising I find the scripture in Mark helps simplify things. Children see the world simply. I have an image of their minds being clean, innocent and pure. Free from all the noise that affects out work lives like office politics, deadlines, workload, tension, stress and much more. Children look to their parents or guardians for help. They don’t try and work things out for themselves because they know they can’t. We can do that too. We have our Father in heaven who we can talk to when we’re worried, unsure, afraid or simply overwhelmed. When we need Him we can ask for his love and protection just like little children do. Amen!

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