Corinthians 4:6

‘For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ’.



The phrase ‘Rise and Shine’ was brought up by my wife the other day. She was about to say it to our children and then she remembered how much she loathed it when she was a child. I agreed, it is an annoying phrase. It’s the last thing we want to hear but I had to put it as a heading today. There has been a common theme in these posts about Christ shining through us. When I pray what to write about, so often it comes up. But being repetitive isn’t a bad thing. The Bible is full of it.

Being able to shine to others through Christ is the single most important thing in the work place. Every word, every facial expression and body language reflects Him. It’s how we overcome anger, jealousy and stress. Praying for peace and strength allows us to shine.

One of my favorite hymns is ‘Shine Jesus Shine’. The words are so powerful:

Shine Jesus Shine, Fill this land with the Father’s glory. Blaze spirit blaze, set our hearts on fire. Flow, river flow, Flood the nations with grace and mercy. Send forth your word Lord and let there be light.

It’s a shame you can’t hear the tune but hopefully one day I’ll be able to embed songs into the blog. If you have time, look it up!


Heavenly Father, As your humble servants we ask for you to shine through us to the world and as the lyrics of the song go ‘Set out hearts on fire’ – Amen!

2 thoughts on “RISE AND SHINE!

  1. Set our hearts on fire. It seems we so often loose that fire, I need to pray for that daily. Thanks for the reminder. Its true actions speak louder that words. Having that Christ like counter cultural attitude can make a huge difference. Let us not put the light under a pot but let it shine.

  2. It’s true that the phrase can sound annoying, depending on who says it and when! Lately, an old church song keeps coming out of me when I’m walking to and from errands: “Arise! Shine!–Give God the Glory, Glory!” God bless you abundantly today.

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