Has your relationship with God been delayed?

1 JOHN 3:1

‘And it is my desire to lavish my love on you’

I’ve had lots of delays on my travels over the past few weeks. More than usual. Bad weather and faulty planes. Delays are frustrating and I’m impatient. But God isn’t. He waits, patiently for us to arrive so He can be close to us. Have we arrived if we just believe in God? I’m not so sure. Arriving is about being with someone. Embracing them and showing that you’re glad to be with them. We can’t do that from a distance. If you’re on a train now, imagine God greeting you at the your destination with open arms. Joyful in your arrival. And then walk with him to work. Take Him to every meeting. Involve Him in every decision. He knows more about what you do, than you do, no matter how much experience you have. Unlike all of our other relationships you never have to say goodbye to God. No tearful farewells. He won’t leave you. But if you leave Him, He’ll be waiting for you. Patiently.

Pray with me

Heavenly Father, draw us close to you. We long to  spend time with you. And seek your guidance in all we do – Amen

Train platform-1

4 thoughts on “Has your relationship with God been delayed?

  1. I’m really grooving on the visual I got, reading this–God waiting for my arrival, open arms, huge smile, the hug I’ve waited a lifetime for… Happy Valentine’s Day, Andrew–God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

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