How will we do today?

Ezekiel 36:26

‘I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh’

Sometimes when I get on the train in the evening, before it’s left the station, I reflect on how I did at work. I look back on the battle, so to speak. What does the battleground look like now that particular day of battle has finished. Did I make the right decisions? Have I looked after my own interests and let others fend for themselves? If I feel like I succeeded, did I succeed with skill and with my dignity and reputation in tact? Or did I play dirty with different or selfish rules for myself and without a care for others. Quite simply, did I behave the way God would expect to me behave? Tough but necessary questions. Most of the time I don’t know the answers or I’ve failed miserably but only God Knows.

Realizing or being aware of our misgivings is a good step forward but it’s important to be able to check ourselves and do something about it. How do we do that? It can only happen if we’re close to God. Because if we’re more like him we behave more like he does. We share love the way he shares it. We care the way he cares. We feel pain for others the way he feels it. Our hearts are softer. God will be in us! The Holy Spirit! Even as I write I feel it. More than I did 30 minutes ago. It’s because I’m thinking about God. When I’m around other Christians I feel it too.

So let’s pray for that relationship to prosper and strengthen. Let’s open our hearts to Him so He can soften them. Then let us share it with those around us today. Then maybe we’ll feel better about ourselves tonight!

Pray with me

‘Heavenly Father, Forgive us when we behave wrongly. Help us to treat others with the respect they deserve. As equals in your eyes regardless of statue and position in the workplace. Soften our hearts Lord so we can love others the way you love us’ – Amen!

Heart of stone

3 thoughts on “How will we do today?

  1. Thanks for that Andrew, it so easy to get pulled into the mindset of the world and it is a constant battle to keep our minds on the Lords way.

    I was readind Proverbs 4 this morning and I was reminded of this

    0 My son, pay attention to what I say;
        turn your ear to my words.
    21 Do not let them out of your sight,
        keep them within your heart;
    22 for they are life to those who find them
        and health to one’s whole body.
    23 Above all else, guard your heart,
        for everything you do flows from it.24 Keep your mouth free of perversity;
        keep corrupt talk far from your lips.
    25 Let your eyes look straight ahead;
        fix your gaze directly before you.
    26 Give careful thought to the[c] paths for your feet
        and be steadfast in all your ways.
    27 Do not turn to the right or the left;
        keep your foot from evil.

  2. Reflecting at day’s end is good, pressing closer into HIM is very good–but we should be careful about judging ourselves; can’t find the verse at the moment–but we don’t have the mind of God, to be able to judge ourselves (or anyone); and anyway, it’s God’s job, not ours. Just my 2 cents on the train ride. God bless you and the fam–love, sis Caddo

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