The world’s problems are our problems.

Galatians 5:14

For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

The world revolves around the bible. Or should do, if we’re Christians at least.  From how we treat others to the way our leaders run the country, there is good advice on all things worldly. If house prices and mortgage rates get so much out of control that they leave families homeless then that is a Christian concern and our responsibility. We don’t want people homeless because they are our neighbors and we love them. Just like we don’t want children hungry or others persecuted for their beliefs. Therefore it is up to us to help them, pray for them and pray for those who can have influence in this world. Our work is a good example. Is what we’re doing helping others or just ourselves. Is it serving and glorifying God? It is improving the world or just our own situation. How can our work and the way we go about our work make a positive impression on the world? Or is it our skills that can help? The same work skills but for the common good outside of the work place. Complaining and doing nothing about something we care about won’t help anyone or anything. Praying, taking action and living out the word can!

Heavenly Father, we pray we can live out the word as though it was only written yesterday.  Help us to remember that it’s relevant to our lives and not something written for another time or place – Amen!

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