A Proverbs verse for you

Proverbs 17:20
As Death and Destruction are never satisfied, so the eyes of a person are never satisfied.

Our senses are vital battleground as we live warring with the principalities and powers of this world. Our eyes devour what they see, and once seen, it is incredibly difficult to “unsee” what we have seen. I would venture that it is “human desire” (NLT) that gets the best of us, whether we are children or not, and constantly hungers for “more” in terms of what we see. Greed, lust, and envy are just a few examples of sin: and a common denominator for them is that they always want more. They promise satisfaction, yet they constantly raise the stakes and never deliver what was promised. Lord God, lead us and guide the eyes of our hearts, protecting them always. Help us seek Your counsel and discipline to dodge the snares of temptation at every turn.

Verse/Commentary courtesy of ‘Proverb-A-Day’ app.