Christmas every day.

2 Corinthians  9:15

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift

This time of year does give us time to appreciate the true gift of Christmas. Our savior, Jesus Christ. Sadly, it’s too often a gift we throw away in favor of more material gifts. But God shows us grace and continues to present His gift to us every day. There was a Christmas song when I grew up – ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’ which is  all about Christmas trees, snow, gifts and food. That would get boring very quickly but with Jesus it is Christmas every day. The precious gift that is waiting, freshly wrapped every morning when we wake up. Happy Christmas!

Pray with me

Heavenly Father, You are our indescribable gift. Forgive us when we discard You for our own selfish gifts. We thank You that You are here for us every day – Amen!

Here’s the song. Enjoy!

Follow your passion

This is a great verse and comment for those of us in the work place. If we’re not following our passion then we’re ignoring God’s gift to us.

The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked. (NLT) ( Proverbs 24:16 )

Your passions come from God. If you follow them, you will always get back up after a fall. If you follow a path devoid of passion, not only are you ignoring God’s message to you but you are likely to fall quickly and permanently. Are you working on things that you’re truly passionate about? Maybe it’s time to curate the list of projects you’re involved in. Download this app to get your daily devotions: