About Commute with Christ

Have you ever wondered where this journey is taking you? Do you ever feel alone or isolated in the corporate world? Do you sometimes think that there must be a lot more to life then simply having ‘more’? Do you feel that you can never really be fully satisfied? Or are you just unhappy?

‘Commute with Christ’ is based on personal experiences that draws inspiration from the very best ‘self help’ book. The Bible!

Each week a question is posed that may well be a question you’ve already asked yourself but have never really found the answer to. The question is then addressed through scripture and then a few well-chosen words to reassure you that you’re not alone in your thoughts and that God is always with you. (Yes, even in the work environment).

So, please join the commute for an encouraging, inspiring and occasionally challenging train conversation with God.

God is here for you!

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