Would you drop your briefcase and follow Jesus?

Luke 5:10-11

Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid, from now on you will catch men”. So, they pulled their boats up on the shore, left everything and followed him.

Those are such powerful words. The problem is, they’re almost like a fairy tale. So familiar, they’re unreal. But it really happened. We have laptops, desks and office buildings. They had boats, water and nets. It makes no difference if they were scraping by to make a living on the lake over 2000 years ago or if we’re comfortably earning our way in Darien and New York in 2013. The principal is the same. We can still follow God in the same way.

Why did God fill up their nets with fish for them? I’d hazard a guess that he wanted to show them that everything will be fine if they have faith. And so it’s the same for us. What are we leaving? I’d suggest it’s our dedication to the things that simply don’t matter like wealth, status and pride. And the anxiety, worry and stress that comes with that. When we leave those things behind and let go, anything can happen. (It’s also a huge relief). God sees a different heart and He will work through that heart and do the most amazing things. Things you could never imagine yourself doing. I’m no testimony to that but I’m trying. But I’ve seen it happen and I’ve read about people who are. To name a few, the fisherman, Moses, Noah, Abram, and even tax collectors! Everyday people like me. And you.

Pray with me

Heavenly Father, we want to follow you but we’re distracted by worldly things. Help us to take that leap of faith and truly follow your path even if it’s only lit a few steps of the way – Amen!

Morning has broken!

PSALM 68:19

‘Praise be to the Lord, to God our savior, who daily bears our burdens’

This morning I went for a walk along the beach. I wasn’t expecting it to be that eventful and it wasn’t really except that I had a heightened sense of God’s creation. It was almost like a scene from a movie. Wherever I looked I was faced by it. “Of course you were”, I hear you say and you’re right, but it was the awareness that was strong and the ‘graphics’ presented to me. I also had this song in my head. Sung with such comfort and peace. Check out the guy on the piano!

Back to my walk (to the sound of the above tune). First there was the sea and the sound it made. The waves crashing on the beach. Then the sand. Hard where the sea had been on it and soft where it hadn’t. The sky with a few clouds but mainly sunshine as the low light reflected on the water. One guy was at work clearing the seaweed that was half way up the beach where the water had stopped. He seemed content in doing his work. There was an elderly couple, probably retired walking on the beach. A middle-aged woman who was momentarily surprised by the water coming so high up the beach to the point where she laughed. A Father with his teenage son and daughters spending some time together. And finally, the most wonderful thing, a young mother walking with her baby strapped to her front. The baby was sleeping and I suggested to the Mother that it was the sound of the sea and the air that made it perfect for the baby. I don’t know where I fitted in but it felt like a cross-section of human creation of all ages in a truly beautiful setting. And everyone seemed happy. Very happy.

There’s no point to this. It’s got nothing to do with commuting or business. It was 30 minutes of pure joy and I’m thankful that I was part of it because I almost didn’t go for the walk in the first place. Looking back, I feel that God prompted me. He wanted me to experience joy!